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Koran Burning Outside Iraq Embassy in Stockholm

Koran Burning Planned in Stockholm

The Swedish police have approved a public gathering outside the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm on Wednesday. The gathering is planned to be a Koran burning, and protestors and police officers have already gathered at the scene. The Iraqi government has reportedly threatened to cut off diplomatic relations with Sweden if the demonstration goes ahead.

Protesters Gather in Opposition

“The other EU countries also have freedom of speech, but it is only here in Sweden that this happens,” said Diyar, one of the many demonstrators who had gathered outside of the embassy. “They are trying to provoke and spread hatred against Muslims.” Another protester, Jalal Kanan, asserted that they were there to show their opposition to the Koran burning peacefully.

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Police Deploy Extra Resources

The police have deployed extra resources to monitor the incident, which includes officers, police dogs, detectives, intervention officers, emergency management and some riders. According to the police spokesperson Ola Österling, they have tailored an effort to cope with all tasks for the demonstration. He also highlighted that there must be room for counter-demonstrations.

Swedish Embassy in Baghdad Stormed

Protesters stormed the Swedish embassy in Baghdad during Thursday night, one of whom claimed they were protesting against the Koran burnings in Sweden. The Iraqi government has also informed the Swedish government that they intend to cut off diplomatic relations if another Koran burning takes place in Sweden.

Governments Threaten to Cut Diplomatic Ties

The people behind the Koran burning in Stockholm however maintain that the reactions of the outside world did not affect their decision to carry out the demonstration. The permission for the gathering is valid between 1 pm and 3 pm.

Koran Burning Sparks Debate

Koran burning has sparked a heated debate in Sweden about freedom of expression and religious tolerance. It is clear that there are many people who are strongly against this action and are doing their best to oppose it peacefully. The Swedish police will be keeping a close eye on the situation to ensure that everything is carried out safely and within legal boundaries.

Police to Keep Close Eye

The Swedish police will ensure that everything is carried out safely and within legal boundaries by keeping a close eye on the situation. They have also urged people to remain calm and respectful of each other’s views.

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