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The Fearful Flames: Recent Arson Attacks in Stockholm

The Fearful Flames: A Spate of Arson Attacks in Stockholm

Greetings, folks! I’ve got some important news for our Swedish friends and expats living in Stockholm. Let’s dive in!

A String of Suspected Arsons

Early on Wednesday morning, police were alerted about a suspected arson attack in Jordbro. It is unnerving to note that this incident is far from isolated. Over this Monday and Tuesday night alone, an alarming nine suspected arsons were reported across Stockholm.

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The call about the suspected arson in Jordbro came in around 06:30 AM on Wednesday. The person who notified the police was the victim themselves, as stated by Nadya Norton, the spokesperson for the police.

“It’s the victim who alerted us,” police spokesperson Nadya Norton was reported saying.

Scope of the Fires

The fire in Jordbro reportedly caused damage to an external door and a neighboring wall. Thankfully, no person was harmed in the incident. Although no life was endangered, the arson attack left the victim in shock and raised fear among the residents of Stockholm, who might be questioning their safety amid this string of arson attacks.

Later on Wednesday morning, the police remained at the scene for further technical investigation. However, when queried, police didn’t specify whether the modus operandi for initiating Wednesday’s fire was similar to what had been observed during the week’s previous nine fires. In most of those cases, a flammable liquid had been spread out and ignited.

“I can’t go into the procedure,” Norton added.

The Stockholm Fires: A Place to Stay Informed

1. ‘Three Arrested for Preparation of Arson in Stockholm’ – Check it out [here](https://www.dn.se/sverige/tre-gripna-for-forberedelse-till-mordbrand-i-stockholm/)
2. ‘Seven Fire Deeds in Two Hours in Stockholm – Three Arrested’ – Have a look [here](https://www.dn.se/sverige/sju-branddad-i-stockholm-i-natt/)

By surfacing these stories and news from the Swedish newspapers, we aim to ensure you, especially my fellow expats, stay informed and take necessary precautions.

Let’s step up our vigilance, folks, and ensure our safety and the safety of those around us. Hoping the respective authorities control the situation soon to restore peace and security in beautiful Stockholm. Please share this news with your friends, family, and neighbours. Together, we can deal with any adversities that come our way!

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