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Preschools in Stockholm at Risk of Forced Closure – Security Flaws Discovered

Stockholm Preschools at Risk of Forced Closure

Sweden is well-known for its educational system, and parents have come to rely on the standards of preschools to provide the best start for their children. However, recent inspections of three preschools run by Thorengruppen in Stockholm have exposed a shocking number of security flaws and abuses that could have a detrimental effect on the children attending. According to Pre-school Councilor Alexandra Mattsson (V), the company's management does not seem to have the ability to run a preschool.

The city of Stockholm began an inspection in the fall of 2022 after complaints from parents. During this inspection, they found that all three preschools had several deficiencies in following the curriculum and in equivalent education, the children's prerequisites for language development, transition and collaboration with preschool class and leisure center, safe care in a good environment, confidentiality, suitability of the ownership and management team. One example is a broken front door that had been left open for over a year, leaving the risk of children escaping or unauthorized people entering.

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The inspectors also noted elements on shelves and on a windowsill with cords hanging down, which posed a risk of electrocution. Additionally, long and unseparated blind cords posed a suffocation risk and a stone staircase lacked slip protection and child guardrails, presenting an obvious risk of serious fall injuries. While Deputy Operations Manager Viktoria Hassel at Thoren Framtid noted that they remedied the security risks immediately, it is further concerning that no adult-led teaching was taking place during their visit.

The high turnover of children at two of these preschools is worrying too. With no developed language skills, children are unable to tell their parents what they have been through; they are completely left out. As such, it is not surprising that Alexandra Mattsson has received emails from concerned parents about this issue.

The city's assessment is that not all children are allowed to take part in teaching conducted by licensed preschool teachers and that preschool is not offered to the extent that is needed. The Thorén group has withdrawn its application to start two more preschools in Stockholm, but they must report how they have remedied the deficiencies by October 13th or risk having their preschools recalled and closed down.

It is vital for parents living in Stockholm to ensure their children are receiving the best possible start to their education, with safe environments free from abuse or security threats. This must be taken seriously in order to ensure the city's rules for preschools are met – providing all non-holiday weekdays between 06.30 and 18.30 – or face closure and potentially detrimental effects on the children attending them.

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