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Faces to Watch: Noteworthy Figures in Upcoming Swedish Politics

Hey there! Let’s take a quick trip through Swedish politics. As the political landscape changes from year to year, several noteworthy figures promise to make their mark in the coming years. This lighthearted commentary details several Swedish politicians to keep a close eye on.

Future Voices of Swedish Politics

Who are the future faces in Swedish politics? Which one will leave the biggest impact next year? In this feature, DN’s political editors list some of the most prominent figures to watch, across the breadth of Swedish parties.

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The Social Democrats

First on the list is Aida Hadzialic, well-known as Sweden’s youngest minister. Despite stepping down after driving under the influence, Hadzialic staged a comeback and continues to make her mark. Meanwhile, Fredrik Olovsson and Lawen Redar are key voices for their party on the energy and cultural issues, respectively.

Sweden Democrats

Next is Linda Lindberg, who, despite being a relatively unknown member of the Sweden Democrats, ascended the ranks and was appointed group leader. Ludvig Aspling and Charlie Weimers are also notable figures, with strong voices on immigration policies and European Union issues, respectively.

The Moderates

The Moderates shine a light on Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Michaela Fletcher, and Louise Meijer. Bohlin’s call for greater attentiveness to national security resonates with Swedish citizens while Fletcher’s commendable leadership in lowering municipal taxes has been noted. Meijer, on the other hand, stirs conversations with her firm belief in stricter punishments and search zones.

Left Party

Former Left Party leader, Jonas Sjöstedt, returns to politics with eyes set on a European Parliament seat. Politician Daniel Riazat, known for his criticism of Erdogan’s laws, is also a figure to watch.

Center Party

Emma Wiesner and Ulrika Liljeberg, from the Center Party, also make the list. Wiesner recently created a buzz by expressing interest in succeeding party leader Annie Lööf. Liljeberg, a former prosecutor, is tasked with convincing more people that the Center Party knows how to tackle crime effectively.

Christian Democrats

In the Christian Democrat camp, Sara Skyttedal and Jakob Forssmed are leading figures. Skyttedal recently faced backlash for a controversial statement about drug policy liberalization. Forssmed, as the Minister of Social Affairs, plays a critical role in Christian Democrat-won healthcare bureaus.

Green Party

Ex-minister and spokesperson Isabella Lövin tops the list, with her impressive credentials and ambition to reform EU’s fisheries policy. Meanwhile, Grön Ungdom’s spokesperson, Rebecka Forsberg, is pushing for the renaming of the Green Party to “The Greens,” and has been significant in softening the party’s resistance to nuclear power.

The Liberals

Lastly, we have the Liberals with Lotta Edholm, who as Minister of Education, has a considerable responsibility, and Karin Karlsbro, whose advocacy for the replacement of the Swedish krona with the euro is well-known.

In Conclusion

There are names to jog down and keep on the radar. In the anticipated political year ahead, these individuals are expected to make their presence felt and contribute significantly to Swedish politics. Despite their differing party affiliations, they share a common objective: To effect change and impact their beloved Sweden in their own unique ways.

Keep an eye out for these names, we’re sure to hear more from them!

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