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Suspected Murderer of Emilie Meng Found Seven Years Later

On the night of Sunday July 10, 2016, 17-year-old Emilie Meng went missing in Korsør, Denmark. Hundreds of volunteers searched for her in the following days and weeks, but it wasn’t until Christmas Eve that she was found dead in a lake 60 kilometers from where she was last seen alive. Despite an extensive investigation, her murder remained unsolved for seven years.

That is until another girl disappeared in the same area three weeks ago. This time, the police were able to quickly acquire camera images and locate the girl alive. After her rescue, they arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of deprivation of liberty and rape. Following this development, the police then served suspicions against the same man for deprivation of liberty, rape and murder of Emilie Meng.

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According to the police chief Kim Kliver, who led the investigation into the missing 13-year-old and previously led the investigation into the murder of Emilie Meng, they are investigating whether there are any connections between the two cases. The suspect is also suspected of knife threats and attempted detention and rape of a young woman last fall.

What exactly led to their suspicions is not public knowledge, but at the center of the investigation is a silver grey Hyundai I30 that was seen at Korsør station the night Emilie Meng disappeared. The suspect previously owned such a car and it has now been traced to Slovakia, where it was seized to be examined by Danish forensics.

The man has not yet been requested to be detained for the suspicions of the murder of Emilie Meng, but is already in custody for the case of the 13-year-old girl.

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