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Murderers of the ‘Death Patrol’ Sent to Sweden

The Perpetrators and Their Sentencing

It has been two and a half years since the brutal double murder in Copenhagen, and now the perpetrators of the crime have been moved to Sweden. Whilst five men from the Rinkeby gang “Death Patrol” were sentenced to long prison terms for the murders of two men in the rival network “Shottaz”, three of them are still in Denmark and fighting tooth and nail to avoid serving their life sentences in a Swedish prison.

The leader of the “Death Patrol”, 24-year-old Mohamed Abdigahni Ali, was sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in the murders. He has submitted several appeals, citing a strong threat image against him as one of the reasons why he does not wish to be incarcerated in Sweden. Whilst he has been rejected in several instances, he is now hoping that the Supreme Administrative Court will take up his case.

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Two of the convicted killers have already arrived at the National Prison at Kumlaanstalten to begin serving their sentences. The younger of the two, aged 19-years-old, has already received warnings following alarms of violence and threats against other prisoners and staff. Surveillance cameras showed that he was involved with a fellow inmate being beaten.

The Growing Concern of Death Squads

Whilst death squads are an increasingly concerning issue, particularly in Sweden, it is essential that they are held accountable for their actions and appropriately punished. It is pertinent that members of such gangs do not go unpunished for their crimes, as this could lead to them not being taken seriously by authorities and thus allowing them to continue their criminal behaviour with impunity.

It is important that all members of society are aware of the growing presence of death squads and gangs such as the “Death Patrol”, so that they can be aware of their potential risks in areas where these gangs may be active.

Justice Served and Public Safety

Whilst death squads pose a serious threat to public safety, it is reassuring that those responsible for committing such heinous crimes are being brought to justice. The perpetrators of the double murder in Copenhagen have been moved to Sweden to serve their sentences, and hopefully this will act as a deterrent for anyone considering joining or engaging with such gangs.

In conclusion, death squads such as the “Death Patrol” must be taken seriously by members of society, authorities, and those involved in gangs alike. It is reassuring that those responsible for such crimes are being held accountable for their actions and appropriately punished in order to ensure public safety.

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