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Beloved Playground ‘Kronis’ in Central Stockholm Devastated by Fire

Beloved Playground 'Kronis' in Central Stockholm Devastated by Fire
A devastating fire engulfed the cherished Kronis playground in Kronobergsparken, located in the heart of Kungsholmen, Central Stockholm, earlier this morning. The alarm was raised at 06.20, prompting the dispatch of several fire trucks to the scene. Unfortunately, most of the units at Kungsholmen's fire station were already attending another emergency, delaying their response. By the time a unit from Kungsholmen arrived three minutes later, the building was already engulfed in flames.

Daniel Svärd, the rescue leader at the site, described the intense situation, stating, "Due to the extreme heat, we had to withdraw the smoke divers."

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At present, all that remains of the once vibrant building is a charred shell, still emitting smoke as the morning progresses. The cause of the fire remains unknown, leaving authorities without any viable theories as to why the incident occurred so rapidly.

Daniel Svärd also shared, "There have been reports of occasional overnight stays by individuals in the building, which raised concerns about potential victims. However, it appears that no one was present during the fire."

Stefan Larsson Lindmark, the director of the park game, expressed deep sadness over the loss, remarking, "Kronis has been a treasured meeting place for generations of children in Kungsholmen, transcending generational boundaries."

Known by the locals as "Kronis," Kronoberg's parklek has served as a popular destination for people of all ages. Stefan Larsson Lindmark emphasized its significance, saying, "From young children in the mornings to school children during the day, teenagers, and even pensioners, it has been a genuine hub of intergenerational activity."

Recognizing the emotional impact of the incident, Kungsholmen's district administration will activate crisis support services to assist both staff and visitors affected by the fire.

The sight of a towering column of smoke from the fire was visible across central Stockholm in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Currently, efforts are underway to complete the post-extinguishing work.

Fredrik Djurklou, father of Sixten and Folke, shared his family's connection to the park, saying, "This park has been our go-to place. It's a bit of an institution for those of us living nearby." Folke Djurklou added, "Seeing it now, like a blackened barn, feels truly disheartening."

Stefan Lindmark from the district administration emphasized the urgency of restoring normalcy, stating, "Although the playground itself remains undamaged, securing the remains of the burned building is necessary before resuming play. We are committed to offering a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, despite the current challenges."

As investigations into the cause of the fire continue, the community remains resilient, united in their hope of rebuilding and reviving the beloved "Kronis" playground in Central Stockholm.

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