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Chinese Balloon Did Not Collect Data Over the United States: US State Department

Spy Balloon Did Not Collect Data Over US, State Department Says

An unmanned Chinese balloon that flew over the northern United States earlier this year did not collect any data, the US State Department has stated.

On January 28th, a large Chinese balloon was spotted flying above Alaska. It trailed an easterly course, passing through parts of Canada before sailing into the United States. It was eventually shot down by American fighter planes over the sea on February 4th.

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US and Canadian authorities initially suggested that the balloon had been sent as a spy mission, prompting the Pentagon to take steps to prevent any data being transmitted from it. Now, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder from the US State Department has confirmed that no data was collected or transmitted from the balloon:

"We were aware that it had intelligence-gathering capabilities, but it was, and is, our assessment that it did not collect anything while moving over the United States. And as we said at the time, we also took steps to mitigate the potential fundraising efforts for that balloon," Ryder said.

The news of the spy balloon has caused some concern among residents of the United States and Canada. Although no data was collected, it is still a stark reminder of how easily China can use surveillance equipment to gather intelligence. It will be important for authorities in both countries to remain vigilant in order to protect their security and ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future.

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