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Arlanda Express to Increase Train Service Soon

Arlanda Express Derails, Disrupting Train Travel

At the end of May, an Arlanda Express train derailed near Blackvreten train depot, resulting in two people being injured and taken to hospital. The incident has had a major impact on train travel in the area, including Arlanda Express. Access to Arlanda has been limited and commuter trains have been unable to stop at Arlanda C until the repair work is expected to be complete by October 8th.

Repairs to Take Until October, Impacting Service

As a result of the derailment, Arlanda Express trains have been running at a reduced capacity since July 1st. Trains are currently running three times an hour from track 10 at Stockholm Central Station, resulting in a few minutes longer travel time. However, on August 14th, the trains will return to their usual tracks but won’t be able to run according to regular times. Arlanda Express hopes to be able to run at least four trains an hour on that day, and they plan to reach full capacity when the track work is finished on October 9th. This will include six trains an hour during peak times.

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Arlanda Express to Return to Full Capacity in October

It is clear that Arlanda Express has been significantly affected by the derailment and related repairs and track works. Although it may take some time for the train service to return to full capacity, travelers can rest assured that this will happen soon, and that Arlanda Express is doing their best to get things running again as quickly as possible.

Travelers Advised to Stay Informed of Changes

It is important for travelers to stay informed of any changes or delays to Arlanda Express service. With this in mind, travelers should keep up-to-date with the latest information from Arlanda Express so they can plan their journeys accordingly.

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