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Understanding and Obtaining a Personnummer in Sweden

A personal number, known as "personnummer" in Swedish, is a unique identification number assigned to individuals residing in Sweden. It is essential for accessing various public services, opening bank accounts, and conducting everyday activities.

Understanding the Personal Number System

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A personal number consists of ten digits, structured as YYMMDD-XXXX. The first six digits represent the individual's birthdate, followed by a four-digit serial number. The personal number is a special code given to people living in Sweden. It helps identify each person and includes information about their gender.

It is crucial to remember that personal numbers are private and should be handled with care to prevent identity theft or misuse.

Process of Obtaining a Personal Number

To get a personal number in Sweden, you must register with the Swedish Tax Agency, also known as Skatteverket. First, gather important documents like your ID, proof of where you live, and the correct forms.

Once you have everything you need, you can either register online or make an appointment at a Tax Agency office. Make sure all your documents are correct and valid during the registration process. After registering, you will have to wait for a little while before getting your personal number.

Importance of a Personal Number

A personal number holds significant importance in Sweden. Having a personal number is very important for many things in life. It helps you access public services and is required for getting a job, getting healthcare, going to school, and doing other daily activities.

With a personal number, you can open a bank account, get healthcare, apply for insurance, and take part in society. It's a very important ID that you need for many different things.

Managing and Protecting Your Personal Number

Once you receive your personal number, it is essential to update your personal records and notify relevant authorities about the change. Be cautious and keep your personal number confidential, as it can be misused by identity thieves. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, contact the Swedish Tax Agency immediately to block or "spärra" your personal number.


Obtaining a personal number in Sweden, known as "personnummer," is a crucial step for individuals residing in the country. It enables access to various services and serves as a unique identifier. By following the registration process with Skatteverket, you can obtain your personal number and enjoy the benefits it provides. Remember to handle your personal number with care and protect it from unauthorized access to safeguard your identity and personal information.

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