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Unsettling Plot of Assassination on Jews in Sweden


Hey there, grab a fika and let’s have a chat about something a little unsettling that’s been making waves in the news here in Sweden. It appears an Iranian couple suspected of belonging to Iran’s military intelligence service had plotted to assassinate Jews living right here in our peaceful and diverse country. Caught your attention? Well, let’s dive right in.

Sinister Plots Uncovered

A report released by Ekot, a highly recognized Swedish news organization, recently unmasked a scheme most of us would only expect to encounter in James Bond movies. The couple was arrested in April 2021 in the Stockholm area, suspected of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes. Claiming asylum as Afghans in 2017, it seems their true mission was far darker, apparently mapping out and gathering information on at least three Jewish individuals living in Sweden.

“They’ve even collected addresses and photos.” Ekot reported.

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Corroborating Suspicion

While the details initially remained sketchy, the case prosecutor Hans Ihrman confirmed during the investigation that there was indeed a mapped plan to carry out murders in Sweden. There were contacts in Iran, but just how these murders were to be exactly executed remained elusive.

“This was the crucial evidence we weren’t able to gather to make a case.” Ihrman confessed.

A Controversial Asylum Case

What’s a tad bit shocking is that despite warnings from Migrationsverket regarding the man’s Iranian nationality and connection with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the pair were still granted asylum. So, it seems our governmental agencies might have some questions to answer on this one.

Not So Happily Ever After

Thankfully, the threat seems to have been curbed – for now. After being denied charges due to lack of concrete evidence linking them to the alleged crime plan, the couple was deported back to Iran in 2022.


It truly is disturbing to think that something so sinister was allegedly happening under our noses. But fret not, Swedes are known for their resilience. And this just proves that our law enforcement is constantly on alert, making sure we remain safe and secure in our beautiful Nordic haven.

So, fellow expats, as we muddle through this chilly day, let this be a reminder that not all things are as rosy as they seem. But also take comfort in the fact that our adopted home has proven time and again that it’s got our backs. And for that, tack Sverige!

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