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Region Stockholm Ends Contract with Beleaguered Kungsholmen Skin Clinic

Kungsholmen Skin Clinic’s Agreement Axed Due to Disarray


Region Stockholm terminates healthcare contract with Skin Clinic at Kungsholmen. Clinic had been under scrutiny since start of year for lack of doctors

Inspection Findings

    • No medical management officer
    • Backlog of referrals
    • Unresponsive telephone switchboard
    • Bankruptcies and multiple cases with Swedish Enforcement Authority

Implications for Expats

    • Affects expats in Stockholm who rely on approved clinics
    • Monica Tessert, a former patient, lost her lower lip to cancer

Way Forward

Region Stockholm assures commitment to patient safety. Clinic required to transfer patients and referrals to another clinic

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Important for expats to stay informed about incidents that could affect access to healthcare. Termination of agreement is a step towards assuring quality

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