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Sweeping Changes: Swedish Government’s New Immigration Measures

Introduction: Recent Policy Changes Proposed by the Swedish Government

Sweden to tighten immigration controls, use biometrics to deport undocumented migrants. The proposals were met with mixed reactions, with some welcoming them as necessary and others criticizing them as too harsh. The government is still considering the proposals.

The Swedish Government’s Plans to Tighten Immigration Controls

The Swedish government has proposed a number of measures to tighten immigration controls, including:

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  • Using biometrics, such as fingerprints and facial recognition, more extensively in the deportation of those residing illegally in Sweden.
  • Collaborating more effectively between agencies like the Migration, Police, Tax, and the Prison Service to tackle the problem of illegal residence.
  • Lowering the age limit for fingerprinting children from the current age of 14 in connection with internal immigration checks.
  • Extending or abolishing the present four-year limitation period for deportation orders.

The Article “Sweeping Changes on the Horizon – Swedish Government Proposes Tighter Immigration Measures”

This article provides a detailed overview of the proposed changes to Sweden’s immigration policy. It discusses the reasons for the changes, the specific measures that have been proposed, and the potential impact of these changes. The article also includes quotes from government officials and experts on immigration policy.

Conclusion: The Importance of Staying Cognizant and Informed

Sweden is proposing changes to its immigration policy, including a points-based system and stricter family reunification rules. The changes are expected to have a major impact on immigrants, and expats and foreigners in Sweden should stay informed to protect their rights.

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