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Underground Cocaine Transactions Unearthed in Sundsvall

Sundsvall Unsettled: Swish List Targets Suspected Cocaine Buyers


Cocaine suspicions have stirred tremors in the heart of Sundsvall, fondly known as the Dragon City. Hundreds of names have appeared on a Swish list, sent to a 28-year-old man charged with serious drug crime. The aftermath: A city in unrest, a flurry of firings, a round of social media hangings, and anxious citizens fearing the worst.

A Cocaine Transaction Ring Comes to Light

With just under 60,000 inhabitants, living in Sundsvall might feel like living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. But the revelation of the Swish list has sent shockwaves through the city, unmasking a hidden layer of drug crime. Suddenly, familiar faces – restaurant staff, journalists, a Swedish SHL player, and others within the community – come under a cloud of suspicion, their names splashed across social media platforms. Parents and young people also feature on the list, prompting the police to prepare reports for social services.

Approx. 600 grams of cocaine delivered in January this year was found hidden in the roof of a pool hall in Sundsvall. Source: Swedish Police.

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Disguised Transactions and the Aftermath

The transactions camouflaged under labels such as “casino”, “black jack”, or pointing towards video equipment or clothing sales, can thinly veil their true nature for potential drug dealings. The transactions range from 100 to 10,500 kroner, totaling around 1.6 million in 2022. Despite this, no formal suspicions have been served to the people on the list yet.

Consequences for the City and its Citizens

The release of the list has sent waves of concerns through Sundsvall, with Robert Gatugård, the coordinator of Sundsvall municipality’s drug prevention work, hoping for preventative effects. The spreading fear raises awareness about the dangers of buying drugs and the detrimental impact on society.

“I can only hope that the publication of the list will have a preventive effect, that people will start thinking. Buying cocaine has consequences both in the short and long term, not only for the individual but for the entire development of society.” – Robert Gatugård.

A Pervasive Problem and Potential Solution

Drug use, particularly cocaine and cannabis, has seen a steady rise in Sundsvall and nearby Timrå. The municipality had launched a campaign last spring, “What does a gram cost?” subtitled “your party junkies feed the gangs”, highlighting the indirect support buyers provide to gang activities.

With the recent shake-up, Sundsvall’s local authorities and social services face the mammoth task of handling the repercussions, strengthening their preventive work, and ensuring citizens safety over reputation concerns.


This unsettling discovery puts into spotlight the issue of drug usage that has silently pervaded society, causing a ripple of effects touching community, employment, and trust. As the city grapples with its current realities, it hopes to emerge stronger, prioritizing safety and the crackdown on crime.

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