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Migration Minister Demanded to Explain New Requirements for Quota Refugees

New Requirements for Quota Refugees in Sweden

Sweden has a history of welcoming quota refugees, but new requirements from the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA) have raised questions about how these refugees are selected.

The SMA has announced that it will now prioritize refugees who are fleeing conflict or persecution, as well as those who have family members already living in Sweden. This has led to some criticism, as some people argue that the SMA should also consider other factors, such as the refugees’ skills and education.

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The SMA has defended its decision, arguing that it is necessary to ensure that refugees are placed in the best possible position to integrate into Swedish society. However, the debate is likely to continue, as there is no easy answer to the question of how refugees should be selected.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Values

The SMA’s new criteria includes entrepreneurial spirit and values that are important for integration into Swedish society. These criteria are difficult to measure, according to the Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard. She says that “it is an impression that you give in connection with these interviews and that you express a clear desire to become part of Swedish society and that you are prepared to make an effort.”

Reduction in Number of Quota Refugees

The Tidö parties have also decided to significantly reduce the number of quota refugees, from 5,000 to 900 this year. The selection process should be based on the individual’s need for protection, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). However, the SMA’s new criteria has raised questions about how these refugees will be chosen.

Opens the Door to Arbitrariness

Haddou believes that it opens the door to arbitrariness and goes against the clear guidelines that UNHCR has for selecting those with the greatest need for protection. He is calling on the Migration Minister to come to the Riksdag as soon as it reopens after the summer to share clarity on how these new requirements will be applied.

Left Party Demands Answers

The Left Party is demanding answers from a responsible source in order to make sure that all refugees receive a fair chance at being accepted in Sweden.

Importance of Staying Informed

It is important for everyone living in Sweden – especially expats – to stay informed on the quota refugee selection process and make sure their opinions are heard in order to ensure the fairest outcome possible.

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