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Remembering Jan Stigare: A Dedicated Leader in Education

Remembering Jan Stigare: A Dedicated Leader in Education
Jan Stigare, former Head of Office at the School Board and former Head of Administration at the Stockholm County Council's Education Board, is fondly remembered by those who had the privilege of working with him. Over 45 years have passed since Jan led a team of young administrators at the Board of Education in the 1970s. His impact on the education system and his exceptional personality remain etched in our memories.

Before joining the Board of Education, Jan had earned his reputation as the esteemed principal of Rudbeck School in Sollentuna and as a former SO teacher. His expertise and experience were invaluable as he took on the role of the head of the local and regional planning agency within the School Board.

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The challenges Jan faced in this position were complex, given the intricate rules and organizational structure that characterized the education system at the time. His responsibility was to navigate these complexities and facilitate constructive dialogue between municipalities, county councils, and local school principals. The aim was to make informed decisions about school activities that would best serve the needs of students and educators.

Beyond his professional duties, Jan was known for his dedication to the arts and his involvement in charitable endeavors. He took time out of his schedule to organize musical performances featuring talented individuals from within the authority. These events often served as fundraisers for Amnesty International, showcasing Jan's commitment to social causes.

Jan also maintained a connection with his former school by participating in the teacher's handball team, engaging in friendly matches against students. This demonstrated his ability to foster a sense of camaraderie and promote a healthy balance between work and personal interests.

Jan's exceptional personality was a combination of drive, education, humor, and self-awareness. He approached his work with enthusiasm, and his genuine interest in his surroundings made him a respected and admired figure. Jan possessed a rare talent for effortlessly grasping the intricacies of his field while maintaining a warm and approachable demeanor.

To understand the origins of Jan's remarkable personality, one can look to his upbringing and environment. Growing up in Åsele, his mother Linnéa instilled in him a sense of social responsibility and a deep engagement with social issues. Jan's pursuit of further studies in Umeå and Uppsala further honed his knowledge and expertise, while a supportive and loving environment nurtured his growth.

For those who had the privilege of working alongside Jan, his interest and commitment to their personal and professional journeys within the education system were unwavering. He served as a role model and a father figure, inspiring those around him to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in their respective roles. The news of Jan's passing has left us with profound sadness and a deep sense of loss.

Jan Stigare's legacy in the education sector will continue to inspire generations to come. His dedication, leadership, and genuine care for others remain an enduring example of what it means to be a true advocate for education. As we remember Jan Stigare, we honor his contributions and the lasting impact he made on the lives of countless individuals.

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