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Sweden Investigates Potential Ban on Koran Burnings

Sweden to Investigate Ban on Koran Burnings


In the wake of recent occurrences, the burning of the Koran has stirred up significant concerns within Sweden. Addressing this issue, the Social Democrats are initiating an investigation into potential bans for public activities of this nature. Striving to establish harmony and curb acts that may incite hatred, the party has suggested changes in the legislation.

Why the Concern?

The issue at hand was sparked by ongoing incidents of Koran burnings, causing widespread protests predominantly within the global Muslim community. These events have not only led to social unrest but increased Sweden’s terror risk level from three to four on a five-point scale, as assessed by the security police. Nations like Denmark have already set a precedent by introducing measures to prevent similar actions – a move the Swedish Social Democrats are keen to follow.

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Addressing the Risks

Leading the initiative, Social Democrats’ leader, Magdalena Andersson, voiced concerns that Sweden might become a hotspot of global scrutiny following Denmark’s progressive step. Despite the existing government inquiry reviewing public order law, the SD believes it isn’t comprehensive enough. They hope to assess whether public Koran burnings intended to incite religious groups could be classified as incitement against ethnic groups or outrageous behavior, imminent of immediate action.

Opposition and Criticisms

Critics argue that embracing the proposal could undermine the freedom of speech. However, Andersson emphasizes pre-existing limitations within the freedom of speech legislation. She believes tightening these laws is a necessary step. Nevertheless, opposition parties such as the Sweden Democrats resisted changes, fearing it could pave the way for yielding to demands from Islamic dictators.


As an expat in Sweden, it’s vital to understand these legislative changes and the conversations that frame them. It reflects on Sweden’s effort to ensure public harmony and freedom of speech while addressing potential threats and their implications for societal peace. Despite differences in political views, the consensus to maintain international peace and national security is clear. Whether these measures can effectively address the underlying issue, only time will tell.

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