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Swedish EU Parliamentarian, Alice Bah Kuhnke declines Green Party Spokesperson Role


Hey! Today, in some Swedish politics chat, there’s news about Alice Bah Kuhnke, a well-known Swedish EU parliamentarian. Apparently, many from her Green Party (Miljöpartiet) hoped she’d step up and take on the role of spokesperson after Märta Stenevi. But Kuhnke has said, “Nej, tack,” (that’s “No, thanks,” if you’re still brushing up on your svenska).

Alice Declines The Formal Offer

So here is the deal. Many Green Party members fancied having Kuhnke as their new voice after Stenevi. But Kuhnke has decided to stick with what she knows and loves the best – standing firm with fellow Green MEPs to battle for the climate, nature, and our democracy from the European Parliament.

“What I most want, and what I know I can do and am really good at, is fighting for the climate, nature, and our democracy, together with all other Green MEPs, with the European Parliament as the starting point.” Alice Bah Kuhnke

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She went on to clarify why she decided not to run for the role via social media, stating it’s due to her belief that her place at the moment is different.

Some Disappointment, But Mostly Understanding

She acknowledged there might be a few Green Party members who feel let down by her decision but assured them not to be. It’s nothing personal, you know. But you can’t deny it, Alice is very much in demand. Even back when Stenevi was elected as the spokesperson, Kuhnke’s name was on many Green Party members’ wish list. Yet, just like this time, she kindly declined.


So, for those invested in the happenings of the Green Party, it’s clear that Kuhnke won’t be stepping into Stenevi’s shoes. But suit yourself up, Sweden and all expats here, because the wheels of politics don’t stop turning, and neither should our commitment to stay informed. And remember, don’t feel bad, Alice is not going anywhere. She continues her battle within the European Parliament, advocating and challenging policies for a better environment and a robust democracy. Hop on the wagon and let’s support this agenda! There’s always something new happening in Swedish politics – and it’s always exciting to catch up!

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