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Startling Discovery: Children Unearth Hand Grenade on Mannön Island in Luleå Archipelago

In a surprising turn of events, a group of children on Mannön Island, located in the picturesque Luleå archipelago, made a startling discovery while excavating an underground cellar. Andreas Thurfjell, along with his children Lea, Svante, and their friend Saga, stumbled upon a hand grenade, leading to a swift response from the authorities to ensure everyone's safety.

Since last autumn, the curious children had been engaged in a series of excavations in an old earthen cellar near their holiday home. The hidden treasures they had unearthed had created a makeshift museum in a nearby hut, filled with intriguing finds. However, their latest excavation took an alarming turn when they stumbled upon an out-of-place oval object that immediately caught Saga's attention.

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Identifying it as resembling something she had seen in a movie, Saga promptly voiced her concern: "A hand grenade!" Andreas Thurfjell, not initially realizing the severity of the situation, picked up the object himself and snapped a photo. The trio quickly alerted the adults, who were enjoying a leisurely coffee nearby. Acting responsibly, Andreas contacted a friend who was knowledgeable about firearms, seeking immediate guidance. Following their friend's advice, he promptly contacted the police.

Within an hour, the police arrived on the scene, reinforcing the importance of leaving potentially explosive objects untouched while waiting for professional assistance. The police's bomb protection team from Stockholm joined the investigation the following day, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. While the team handled the hand grenade, the children were provided with rubbing tattoos as a gesture of comfort.

Jonas Sköld, the deputy local police area manager in Luleå and Boden, commended the children's actions, stating, "They have acted with caution and contacted the police. That is absolutely right; one should urge caution. It was advisable to do nothing more." The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that can lurk in unexpected places and underscores the significance of immediate alertness and cooperation with law enforcement.

The aftermath of the incident left a lasting impact on both the Thurfjell family and Svante and Lea's mother, Sofi Nordberg. They experienced a range of emotions and discomfort as a result of the alarming discovery. However, this incident has not dampened the children's adventurous spirit. They are now eagerly seeking new areas to explore, forever marked by the memory of the summer vacation that began with an unexpected police operation on their farm.

Svante Thurfjell eloquently summed up the potential consequences of such dangerous discoveries, stating, "You shouldn't be using hand grenades and the like; things can get really bad." The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of responsible handling and the potential dangers that may lie beneath the surface of seemingly peaceful environments.

This unforgettable incident will undoubtedly shape the children's perspective and leave an indelible mark on their experiences as expats living in Sweden. Their resilience and mature response to this unexpected situation serve as an inspiration to others, emphasizing the need for caution and immediate involvement of the authorities when encountering potentially hazardous objects.

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