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Swedish Think Tank Oikos Accuses Left Wing of Anti-Semitism

Swedish Think Tank Accuses Left Wing of Anti-Semitism

Oh boy, the political arena in Sweden is heating up right now! It appears that the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna or SD, for short) are gearing up for what they expect will be a fierce campaign leading up to the European Union (EU) elections.

A Night of Provocative Conversations

On a chilly March evening, an eclectic group of well-dressed individuals gather at Sjöfartshuset i Gamla stan, Stockholm for an event hosted by Oikos, a conservative think tank linked to the SD. There, they were entrusted with a controversial subject – that is, anti-Semitism claimed to be within left-leaning individuals, particularly targeting Swedish Social Democrats.

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The brain behind Oikos and one of the leading SD figures, Mattias Karlsson, takes center stage. Out comes a report titled “The Swedish left’s anti-Semitism and support for violent groups in Palestine,” undoubtedly leaving many in the room intrigued.

“Fact Bite: Oikos released a report stating that the Swedish left-wing is anti-Semitic, featuring images of prominent figures in the Social Democratic Party, ranging from former and current leaders to controversial figures.”

Among the crowd were recognizable figures like Richard Jomshof, another influential SD member. The report drew upon instances from as far back as the early 1900s, when a socialist poet posted an anti-Semitic poem, to as recent as Yassir Arafat’s invitation to Sweden by the Social Democrats in the 1980s.

Challenging Current Media Narrative

Adding a pinch of controversy, right-wing debater Rebecca Weidmo Uvell accused the Swedish media of harboring remnants of the ’68 leftist movement and alleged a failure of the media to scrutinize the Social Democrats and left-wing individuals.

Interestingly, the Oikos report itself relied prominently on traditional media coverage, with 65 out of 123 references in the report directing towards traditional media articles.

Debate Sparked: Right-wing Traits in Fascists?

The evening took an unexpected turn when a gentleman from the crowd raised doubts over the panel referring to Nazis and fascists as ‘right-wing.’ Arvid Hallén, Oikos’ program director, swiftly addressed this by saying that the embrace of state power is not exclusive to left-wing ideologies and can manifest as a negative trait within right-wing factions.

Scope for Government Intervention

As the attendees settled into the stimulating dialogue, another conversation starter emerged, this being the potential for targeting state grants to civic societies tangled with the Socialdemokraterna. This ‘clean-up’ of state grants might face resistance from the Christian Democrats, identified as grant lovers by Uvell.

The Ultimate Goal

Regardless of the debate sparked during the event and beyond, it seems the prime mission for Oikos releasing the report is to build opinions, a typical tactic as the EU elections loom closer. The Social Democrats have previously targeted the SD, accusing them of being a security threat due to their associations with Russia and are likely to make similar strike in the upcoming elections. This report might act as a shield, deflecting such allegations.

Fact Bite: While SD’s history and activities are well-known, there has been a long anticipation for a “whitepaper” promised by the party since 2014, expected to shed light on its conduct over the years. However, the latest prognosis suggests its release only after the EU-elections in June.

As with all political dramas, time and voters will ultimately decide which side they’ll stand on. Meanwhile, the rest of us are all ears and eyes for what’s next in this saga! Do stick around for more!

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