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Moving Into Luxury Houses in Sandhamn, Sweden

Luxury Cottages Sell at Record Prices in Sandhamn

The picturesque archipelago of Stockholm has long been a popular destination for expats in Sweden. Recently, the tranquil island of Sandhamn has become the focus of attention, as 24 newly constructed luxury cottages have been sold at some of the highest square meter prices ever seen in the country. Despite protracted protests from neighbors, the first buyers have now moved into the area – and they’re here to stay.

Locals Protest Construction of New Cottages

The silhouette of these cottages is reminiscent of classic boat and fishing cabins, but they are larger and equipped with modern amenities such as white-pigmented oak parquet floors, large windows and terraces facing the sea. In February, one of these apartments was sold for a staggering SEK 227,000 per square meter – one of the highest prices ever seen in Sweden.

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However, the construction of these cottages was met with resistance from some locals. A protest list with several times as many signatures as there were people registered on the island was filled in opposition. While some were worried about increased privatization of Sandhamn and potential use of permanent homes, which would go against the detailed plan, Adriana and Peter Hamberg have only experienced positive exchanges with their neighbors since moving in.

Buyers Bound by Rental Agreement

These cottages are hotel apartments, so buyers are bound by a rental agreement that requires them to rent out their properties when they are not using them. How this rental should be regulated is yet to be determined; representatives from Gillesvik Fastigheter AB, which built and owns the cottages and Seglarhotellet, have not yet responded to questions about the project.

Uncertainty About Rental Regulations

Stefan Petersson, chairman of the community association Eknö Hemman, believes that Sandhamn could be more attractive to year-round residents. This has been an ambition on the island for some time, but it is difficult when housing prices are so high. Few locals can afford to buy here, so Eknö Hemman owns 23 rental properties to provide affordable housing.

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Opportunity to Make Sandhamn More Attractive for Year-Round Residents

As Sandhamn continues its transformation into a luxury destination, it remains to be seen what effect this will have on its local population. However, with its stunning waterfront views and easy access to Stockholm city center, it is sure to remain a popular spot for expats looking for a unique lifestyle in Sweden.

Future of Sandhamn as a Luxury Destination

The future of Sandhamn as a luxury destination is uncertain. Some locals are concerned about the impact of increased privatization and rising housing prices, while others believe that the island can still be a desirable place to live for year-round residents. Only time will tell how Sandhamn will evolve in the years to come.

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