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Swedish Abortion Law May Change – Medical Abortions Can Now be Initiated at Home

Abortion is a hot issue in many countries. A new report by the National Committee for Medical and Social Evaluation (SBU) found that it is just as safe to initiate a medical abortion at home as at an abortion clinic. Last year, 35,450 abortions were performed in Sweden and 96 percent of them were conducted through a medical method.

The medical method of abortion involves taking mifepristone as the first drug followed by misoprostol within 24 to 48 hours. Mifepristone prepares the body and misoprostol ensures that the fetus is expelled. According to the Abortion Act from 1974, an abortion must take place in a healthcare facility.

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However, according to the report from SBU, this causes problems for some women who have a long journey. Women in other countries such as the UK, France, Canada and Australia are already allowed to take mifepristone at home.

In order for Swedish women to take mifepristone at home, the current regulations must be changed. Whether this means that the abortion law or the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulation must be changed is still unknown.

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