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Addressing the Issue of Child and Forced Marriages in Sweden

Not Just Numbers: Understanding Child Marriage in Sweden

Let’s talk about an uncomfortable truth, a hushed issue that Scandinavia’s shining star, Sweden, is currently grappling with – child and forced marriages. It’s something that Sweden’s Minister for Gender Equality, Paulina Brandberg, says we have been blind to for far too long.

The Task in Front

The Swedish government seek answers. They want a complete rundown, a comprehensive mapping, to know how many child and forced marriages are happening right now in the country. This inquiry doesn’t stop at forced and child marriages; it rolls into the realms of arranged marriages as well – or as they call it, marriages decided by a ‘marriage man’. The spotlight is also on temporary religious marriages connected with sex purchases!

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“There are indications that there are forced marriages, polygamy and child marriage. I see this as a very important task in order for us to open our eyes to the extent of this problem,” says Paulina Brandberg.

Here’s a shocker – this is the first-ever comprehensive survey of its kind in the country!

Facing The Fear

Brandberg gets candid, admitting there’s been a raging cocktail of ignorance and anxiety around such ‘issues of honor’. She pushes for courage, for breaking down the fear, to truly see and understand the vulnerabilities of the affected group.

“It ultimately affects this vulnerable group. We need to get rid of that anxiety, we need to see how vulnerable this group actually is,” states Brandberg.

Mark The Deadline

This extensive research is due February 2025. No haste, no rush, just a detailed account of the grim reality they’re dealing with. But mapping is not the only initiative on the table. The government, in the next year’s budget, has decided to strengthen their fight against honor-related violence/oppression, violence in close relationships, prostitution, and human trafficking. A whopping SEK 50 million per year will be invested from 2024 to 2026.

A Call for Courage

As a resident of Sweden, or someone considering a move here, it’s important to be aware of these realities. The government’s actions are a clear sign they understand the gravity of the situation. But remember, it goes beyond numbers on a survey. It’s about lives, real children. The fight’s on – and we wait eagerly for February 2025.

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