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The EU Dispute Over Hungary’s Funding: An Insider’s View

EU’s Heated Quarrel Over ‘Orbán’s Funds’

Today’s big news from Sweden lands us smack in the middle of an intense EU feud over Hungary’s funding – a dispute revolving around a whopping sum equivalent to over 100 billion Swedish Krona.

The Bone of Contention

EU Parliament, irritated, is hauling EU Commission to court over the decision to release previously frozen support billions to Hungary. These funds had been held up by the EU Commission due to growing concerns regarding corruption control and judicial independence in Hungary. But just before the heated EU leaders’ summit in December 2023, the green light was given for payment, citing that Hungary had conducted the necessary reforms required.

“An act more of blackmail by Orbán’s side, rather than a correct judgement of Hungarian reforms,” critiques German EU Parliament member Sergey Lagodinsky in a press release.

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Shades of Opinions

Yet there are voices that vouch for the payment’s approval, believing it was only to get Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, to agree to membership negotiations and to offer more support to Ukraine. A point of view that has stirred up quite the debate.

In the face of this drama, our very own Swede Alice Bah Kuhnke said at a press conference in Strasbourg, “It’s a big deal, we can’t overlook Hungary’s actions.”

The Ultimate Showdown

The formal decision to bring the matter to the EU Court is expected on Thursday after an almost unanimous recommendation from the parliament’s legal committee, Juri, late on Monday.

In this close-knit expat community here in Sweden, we now find ourselves wondering – will the EU Court side with Hungary or will they tighten the noose on the funds? Trust us to keep you updated!

While the saga of ‘Orbán’s Funds’ continues to unfold, it becomes evident that the heart of the matter is more than just about money – it’s about principles, about a collective stand against corruption and much more. As expats or simply residents keenly following EU politics, it’s essential for us to understand these dynamics.

In the end, we all play a small part in the larger political landscape, so keep tuned in, folks! This will be an interesting one to follow.

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