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Trump’s Consecutive Wins in Michigan Primaries: An Expat’s guide

A Dark Horse’s Upset: Trump’s Five-Streak Victory in Michigan

Imagine the drama heightened on a race track. The roar of the crowd is deafening as the underdog begins to take the lead. This captures the essence of what is happening in the political landscape in the US right now. Former US President Donald Trump just clinched the triumph in the Republican primary in Michigan, making it his fifth consecutive win in the primaries! As an expat in Sweden, you might be wondering: “Wow! How does this affect me?” Sit tight, and let’s explore.

The Lone Rider Trump and His Stunning Victories

Following several voter surveys, the Associated Press (AP) declared that Trump boasted whopping support of 65.7% when 16% of the votes were tallied. These numbers leave his only remaining challenger Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador, in a tough spot. Haley trailed Trump with only 30% of the votes, making her potential appointment as the Republican presidential candidate in the upcoming November elections seem less likely.

Fact Block: Trump managed to win five consecutive primaries, a feat that bespeaks his popularity amongst the Republicans.

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The Showdown on Super Tuesday

A major decider of the candidature awaits on March 5 – the “Super Tuesday”, when 15 states and one US territory will hold their primaries. So chill out on your Swedish Fika and keep an eye on the big day; it’s going to be a cracker!

On the Other Side of the Fence: Biden

In the parallel world of Democrats, current President Joe Biden is cruising smoothly on his predictable winning streak, as confirmed by AP. However, there’s a catch. Uncle Joe’s run isn’t free from hurdles. A peculiar campaign amongst Michigan natives with roots in Arab countries sought to vote for the Democratic party but not for any candidate, a form of protest against Biden’s handling of the Gaza war.

Supported by Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib among others, this campaign could lead to a noticeable impact. Whether this bubble of insurgency manages to burst into a political wave is a verdict yet to be revealed!

In a Nutshell

Events back in the US might feel poles apart, but hey, it’s the world’s biggest democracy in play! What’s happening there, from Michigan to Gaza, echoes everywhere. So, while you sip your morning Swedish brew, remember that you are an unwitting spectator in a political theater spanning the globe. It’s been a ride so far, hasn’t it?

While we bid adieu to you for now, here’s a quick note to remember. The actual vote counts for Trump and Biden are still under scrutiny. So, stay tuned in and keep that expat spirit alive because the best (or messiest) of the showdown is yet to come!

Fact Block: Remember the Super Tuesday on March 5. It is a crucial event that could signal the trajectory of the elections.

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