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Swedish-Belarusian Woman’s Distressing Arrest in Belarus Causes Stir in Expat Community

“Dramatic Turn for Swedish-Belarusian Woman in Minsk”


A Swedish-Belarusian woman in her 60s has been arrested in Belarus during a trip to Minsk last spring. This news has stirred a wave of concern among the expat community in Sweden.

The Circumstances

As per Expressen, the woman has been sentenced to five years of undisclosed punishment. Dmitri Vasserman, from the Belarus people’s embassy in Sweden, has confirmed the arrest but the nature of her sentence is unclear – whether it’s straight jail time, five years of penal labor or strict penal labor.

“The charges have not been made public, but human rights organizations believe it could be related to donations to volunteer Belarusians fighting for Ukraine. There are others who have been sentenced for similar charges in Belarus.” – Dmitri Vasserman explained.

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The woman was known to be actively involved with a Belarusian diaspora initiative opposing dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Reaction and Support

The news has sent ripples through the expat community in Sweden, especially among those with familial connections to Belarus. This incident underscores the tense political situation in Belarus – a reality that hits home for many Belarusians residing in Sweden.

What is Swedish Government Doing?

The Swedish Foreign Ministry confirms a Swedish citizen from Svealand is being held in Belarus.

“The Ministry is acting on the issue in collaboration with the embassy in Minsk. The embassy is in touch with Belarusian authorities. The Ministry has also contacted relatives in Sweden.”


This event emphasizes the complex political landscape in Belarus and the potential risks for those with ties to both Sweden and Belarus. The Swedish expat community is keeping a close eye on the unfolding situation, hoping for positive developments soon. It is an urgent reminder that while we enjoy the tranquility of life in Sweden, political unrest in our home countries can still have a very real, very personal impact.

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