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Swedish Government Extends Extra Housing Allowances Amidst Rising Inflation

A Helping Hand Extended

Parents and children in Sweden are facing an unexpected boon from their Government. An extension on extra housing allowances has been announced, providing much-needed aid to families struggling amidst the rising inflation.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Swedish government has extended the housing allowance for families with kids for six more months, until June 2024. The allowance helps cover the cost of housing for families with children under the age of 18. She acknowledged the high inflation issues besetting the country and described this measure as a distribution policy that directly assists families hit hardest by the economic downturns.

“We reach the households with children who have it the hardest,” says Anna Tenje.

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The extra housing grant bears a similar structure to the existing assistance scheme that is set to cease on 31st December 2023. With this allowance, families could potentially receive an additional 2,100 SEK per month.

The Journey so Far

The initial six-month extension was introduced by the earlier government back in June 2022 and was expected to run until June 2023. Still, it underwent an extension earlier this year in March to run until year-end. But, good news for families, the extension saga continues for another six months till June 2024.

Temporary Relief, Not Permanent

However, Tenje cautioned that these extensions to the housing allowances are temporary stopgaps devised for exceptional circumstances, much like during the pandemic, and not a permanent increase. The hope is that inflation returns to less dire levels and more normalized situations reemerge.

“Our hope is that inflation will not take hold but that we return to a more normal situation and then there are no longer any special reasons,” says Anna Tenje.

Around 110,000 Swedish families with children are set to benefit from the extended temporary supplementary help, costing the national treasury an additional 736 million SEK for the coming six-month period, as per the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Aiming for Stability

The government’s endeavour seems to be a concerted effort towards ensuring stability and comfort for families embattled with economic surprises. While it serves as a relief during these trying times, it’s evident that a permanent solution to inflation’s menace and a return to more ordinary conditions is the ultimate objective.

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