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New Salary Threshold for Swedish Work Permits: A Closer Look

Starting from November 1st, landing a work permit in Sweden will require applicants to have a juicier income. Notice the major leap in the threshold from 13,000 kronor a month to 27,360 kronor freshly implemented by the Swedish government.

Understanding the Hike

The change is informed by the new salary bar that’s been set to 80 percent of Sweden’s median salary as by Statistics Sweden’s updates. It’s expected to adjust annually, so brace up future applicants. The 27,360 kronor isn’t a hard and fast rule—it would have to be in line with industry standards or collective bargaining agreements. So, it’s the most recent median salary published at the time of your application (not the decision) that sets your permit eligibility wheel rolling.

“For instance, if you applied before Statistics Sweden’s latest median salary update on June 20th, 2023, you’re judged based on the previous median salary. So, you’d need at least 26,560 kronor a month,”

explains an expert.
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Who’s Sweating Real Hard Now?

Non-EU citizens need that work permit like no one else. Both new applicants and renewal cases fall into the loop, but the current permits remain untouched until renewal.

“The Migration Agency believes around 10-20 percent of work permit applications might hit a rocky road due to this change,”

a spokesperson says.

Who Gets the Pass?

Folks drifting into Sweden under the EU’s freedom of movement codes don’t need to sweat—the salary requirement doesn’t apply since they don’t require a work permit. Also, non-EU citizens living in Sweden with other residency permits than work permits get a free pass.

Add to that list; seasonal agricultural workers, holders of an EU Blue Card, people with an ICT permit (multinational company internal transfers), professional athletes, au pairs, interns engrossed in international exchanges, and researchers.

What About Stuck Applications?

Definitely affected. Applications submitted pre-November 1st but remain unanswered after the date are subject to the new minimum salary parameter. However, appeal cases of rejected permits are exceptions.

Who’s Behind The Decision?

Eyes on both the prior Social Democrat government and the supporting parties of the current right-wing government—they have been fine-tuning the liberal labour migration practice initiated by the four-party Moderate-led Alliance government in 2008.

“The latest overhaul follows a previous government decision, with the specific figure determined by the current right-wing alliance earlier this year,”

states an insider.

What’s Ahead?

Well, expected work permit reforms might be more exclusive —the permit approval could be chiefly targeted towards jobs paying on par with the median salary thereby blocking some professions. But to prevent a critical skills shortage, exemptions are being considered. These potential changes are part of an inquiry expected to conclude by January 31st, 2024.

“The new salary threshold could introduce a 12-month grace period for renewed permits, but this is currently under discussion”,

the official concludes.

Closing Tidbits

So folks, those of you looking to start a fresh chapter in Sweden, digest this update and recalibrate your plans on this side of the Atlantic. And remember, there are exceptions, so don’t lose all hope yet. Keep trekking on your path to the pristine beauty and tranquil life that’s quintessential Sweden. Happy planning!

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