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Landmark Katarina Elevator Reopens After 13 Years in Stockholm

## Swedish Landmark Elevator Reopens After Thirteen Years

In Stockholm, a landmark named the Katarina elevator, after being closed for thirteen long years, is once again open for public use. The said date is marked on the calendar as a huge day for elevator enthusiasts, especially for Andreas Ulvebring and Johan Backman, who managed to bag the lucky first ride on Wednesday, ahead of the public launch on October 19th.

“It’s primarily the beautiful view that makes it feel special,” says Andreas Ulvebring.

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Ulvebring and Backman’s love for elevators transcends beyond usual. They even run their own respective Youtube channels focused on the topic and have an in-depth understanding of what elevator rides entail. Specifically, about the newly opened Katarina elevator, Backman is more of a veteran having ridden the old elevator before it was closed.

##Elevator Enthusiasm – An Uncommon hobby and its perks

Engineer by profession, Ulvebring believes that what makes elevators intriguing to them and perhaps other fanatics is the construction and technical aspects of the machines. In his point of view, despite being disconnected from the ground, elevators are one of the world’s safest means of transport.

“I am not afraid of heights,” he says. Although he laughs admitting a mild case of claustrophobia.

The Closure and Reopening of Katarina Elevator

Back in 2010, Katarina elevator was closed due to the wear and tear after years of usage, deeming it unsafe for the public. Soon, it was decided to renovate the historic structure, and after the long wait, it opened again.

Residents in the elevated areas of Söders will particularly benefit from the renovated elevator to smoothly transit to lower levels.

The newly renovated Katarina elevator stands tall at 38 meters, serving the audience not only as a mode of transportation but also as a spot to enjoy the “most beautiful view of Stockholm,” as described by Eva Rosman, head of communications for Project Slussen.

Future of the Cultural Heritage

Katarina elevator is a significant cultural heritage, architecturally important, which means the structure carries a high protection level from alterations. As of now, and until spring 2024, the elevator can be used for free. However, after that, there will be a minimal charge of 20 Krona per ride.

“Katarina elevator is a concept and a time marker. It is part of general education to know this elevator,” adds Eva.

The Katarina Elevator – Facts

Katarina elevator was first introduced in1881 with the primary objective of helping the dockworkers, who lived in the heights of Söder, to get down to the harbour efficiently. The second edition emerged after the reconstruction of Slussen in 1936. After closing its doors in 2010 due to safety concerns, Katarina elevator finally reopens on 19th October, set to be in operation from 8 am to 10 pm. The same day, the restaurant Gondolen also resumes its services.

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