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Drought and Rain Create Challenges for Farmers

Challenges on the Harvest Season

  • Heavy rains deteriorate crop quality

Sweden is currently in the midst of its harvest season, but recent rain has created complications for many farmers. Heavy rains have deteriorated the quality of the crops, making the harvest more difficult to salvage. According to Markus Hoffman, sustainability expert at the Farmers’ Confederation (LRF), the high moisture content risks causing the crops to be used for other purposes than they were intended for, such as animal feed.

  • Unusually dry weather causes premature ripening

Additionally, the unusually dry weather during May and June caused the crops to ripen prematurely, and when the rains started to fall in July, they started to germinate again. This has caused a number of issues when it comes to harvesting the crops.

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  • Rains cause crops to germinate again

Mikael Jeppsson, grain manager at Lantmännen, believes that it is the quality rather than the quantity of this year’s harvest that has been affected by the recent rain. He says that there is enough grain to cover Sweden’s needs, ton for ton, but he is not convinced that there is enough grain of the required quality needed. According to Lantmännen’s forecast from early July, this year’s harvest will amount to 4.6 million tonnes of grain – significantly lower than a normal year of 5.6 million tonnes.

  • Quality of harvest more affected than quantity

Markus Hoffman emphasizes that so far we are only at the beginning of the harvest period and says that there is still plenty of room for better weather conditions further down the road. He remains hopeful that despite the difficulties caused by rain, the harvest will be satisfactory in both quantity and quality. Nevertheless, it is still too early to make any predictions as 85-90 percent of the grain area is yet to be harvested.

  • Grain production expected to be lower than normal

Despite challenges posed by weather conditions this season, there is still potential for a successful harvest as we are only at the beginning of August. To ensure a satisfactory outcome in both quantity and quality, farmers must pay close attention to weather developments and take appropriate measures to protect their crops from further harm. As Lantmännen has mentioned, it may also be necessary to import grain if local production does not meet expectations.

  • Importing grain may be necessary

Overall, the harvest season in Sweden is facing a number of challenges this year due to the recent rain. However, there is still potential for a successful harvest if farmers take the necessary precautions and weather conditions improve in the coming weeks.

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