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Fake Films About Sweden Reach Millions of Views


Videos on social media falsely depict Koran burnings in Sweden, gaining millions of views. Their origin is unknown, coinciding with the NATO summit in Vilnius. These fabricated clips show events that never happened, like a “presidential palace” burning as punishment for Koran burning. Another shows Sweden extraditing the burner and PM Ulf Kristersson defying Arab nations while mocking their boycott threat. One widely circulated video portrays terrified Muslims, including children, under gunfire at a mosque.

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Impact and Consequences

The incident outside a Stockholm mosque caused global outrage. Muslims protested, and Swedish flags were desecrated at mosque entrances.

Efforts by the Swedish Institute and Disinformation Campaigns

The Swedish Institute promotes Sweden positively via social media. Mikael Östlund, head of communications for the Agency for Psychological Defense, notes Russia and Iran’s negative disinformation about Sweden. Staying informed and aware of false information in Sweden is crucial.

Addressing Disinformation

Combatting rapidly spreading disinformation on social media is challenging. Acknowledging its existence and maintaining a critical mindset are important. Relying solely on social media for news can be misleading. Seek reputable news sources to stay accurately informed about Sweden.

Taking Responsibility as Informed Citizens

Ultimately, responsible citizens must protect themselves from fake news and misinformation. Stay informed about current events and scrutinize suspicious information. Use critical thinking to evaluate news sources for accurate facts.

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