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Unveiling Zara’s Alleged Discrimination: The Code Word 64 Controversy

Unveiling Racism at Zara: “Code word 64, beware of the foreigner!”

Look out for number 64! If you’re a shopper in Swedish clothing company Zara and you hear that code, be aware – you’re tagged as a potential thief. Especially if you have an immigrant background, wear a hijab or, guess what, look poor. This embeds a shockingly clear picture of a deeply-entrenched, racially discriminatory ethos unveiled among Zara’s employees.

Discriminating Garb, Discriminating Race

To be followed silently whilst shopping… sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? A former Zara employee reveals, “If someone wearing a hijab came in, we would follow them.” But try making eye contact and asking for help, and… it seems you’ll be shown cold shoulders. Sounds like it’s a big “No-No” for Zara staff.

“The managers have a poor view of people from the Middle East and Roma people. ‘That shouldn’t be our focus; we should focus on Swedes.’ It’s said that ‘they are the ones who steal and create chaos.”

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Discriminated Returns – An Insight

While a discriminative approach is against security norms, the bias appears to extend to the customer service counters too. It seems immigrant customers wearing a hijab have a harder time returning clothes than their Swedish counterparts.

“A Swedish manager allowed a Swedish girl to return an item. But, a girl with a hijab couldn’t do it.”

Watching the Watchmen: Code Words and Hidden Alarms

Alarm bells are ringing, but not for good reasons. Hidden clothing alarms, activated by guards when they suspect immigrant customers, is shocking testimony to the depths of discrimination. The code word ’64’ – a hush signal to show suspicion – apparent prejudice lurks in every corner of the Zara store.

“Once, I saw a manager with an alarm in his pocket that went off as an immigrant customer left. Just to stop the customer.”

Zara: A Global Brand Mired by Prejudice

Zara, a subsidiary of Inditex – the world’s largest clothing retailer owned by Spanish tycoon Amancio Ortega stands revealed. Amidst testimonies from 39 employees and ex-employees who bemoan terrible conditions, a culture of silent, racial discrimination echoes.

Although none dared unveil their identity fearing backlash:

“People from Zara will knock on your door at home and threaten you.”

This stark narrative sheds light on the culture of fear and discrimination within a worldwide brand. Now, over to you, Zara. It’s time for a long, hard look in the mirror.

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