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Over a Thousand People Unite in Protest Against Stockholm Attack

More than a thousand people gathered outside the Moment theatre in Gubbängen, Stockholm to protest the recent attack that took place during a lecture organized by the Left Party and the Green Party. The demonstration was organized in collaboration with Expo, an anti-extremist magazine, and aimed to condemn the violent assault by masked assailants. The attackers, described as Nazis by Expo, threw smoke grenades and physically assaulted several individuals, resulting in three hospitalizations.

The protest, which garnered significant attention and support, was a resounding message against extremism and a call to action for society to stand up against such acts of violence. The demonstrators came together to show their unwavering resolve in the face of right-wing extremism and their commitment to combating racism.

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Amanda Lind, the expected joint leader of the Green Party, addressed the crowd, stating, “Let’s say it how it is: this was a terror attack, and that is something we can never accept.” Lind emphasized that the intention of the lecture was to foster a dialogue on combating racism, rather than encountering violence and fear. She condemned the attack as an attempt to silence people and instill fear through the use of violence.

Nooshi Dadgostar, leader of the Left Party, echoed Lind’s sentiments, highlighting the importance of standing up against extreme-right violence. “We’re here today to show that which should be obvious: we will not give up, we will stand up for ourselves, and we shall never be silenced by racist violence,” Dadgostar affirmed.

Sofia Zwahlen, one of the protesters, expressed her satisfaction with the large turnout and the collective opposition to the attacks.

“It feels extremely good that there’s been this reaction, that we are coming together. I’m always a little worried about going to this sort of demonstration. But this feels safe.”

Sofia Zwahlen told DN newspaper

The demonstration was a powerful display of unity and resilience in the face of hatred and violence. By speaking out and standing together, the protesters sent a message that extremism will not be tolerated and that they will actively work towards a more inclusive and tolerant society.

As the protests concluded, the broader implications of the attack and the unanswered questions it raised were left to be explored. The demonstration served as a reminder that the fight against extremism and racism is an ongoing battle that requires collective vigilance and solidarity.

Through their actions, the protesters demonstrated the power of unity and showed the world that Stockholm will not be silenced by acts of violence. This powerful display of strength and determination serves as a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, there is hope for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

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